Went to IKEA with The Hub yesterday. Please don't think that the meatballs w/ sauce they serve there is the be-all end-all of the Swedish meatball experience. When it comes to meatballs, "restaurant quality" is not a GOOD thing. Homemade is where it's at. Especially my dad's version. *swoons*. Lingonberry jam is a MUST, though. Oh, and the princess cake? Even dreamier than I had remembered. Princess caaake. I don't know why the link says that there's ice cream in it, though - it's whipped cream. And it's not fondant, but marzipan. In some princess cakes, there's also a layer of custard. I almost miss Sweden right now. Here's more info on princess cake.

We bought a $4 bedside lamp and stocked up on stuff in the food shop, where they DIDN'T GIVE OUT BAGS. The. What?? The lady was nice enough to give me a stocking piece of cardboard to carry the stuff in and we DID have a backpack, luckily, but geez.
But anyway, we got delicato balls, mazarins, chocolate, more chocolate, chocolate-coated wafers (kexchoklad!) and fläderdryck in tetrapaks.

We unfortunately could NOT get Kalles Kaviar, gooseberry jam, cloudberry jam, lingonberry jam
or frozen princess cakes. Next time.

The experience could have been bettered if we both hadn't felt under the weather. I don't know what's up with me - I've felt like I'm coming down with a cold repeatedly these past few weeks and it's always been false alarm. It was false alarm yesterday, too, but then my stomach grew roily on top of it and-  nevermind. Anyway, I'm better! For now.

Did I have anything important to say? No. No, I guess I didn't.


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