Started the day with an upset stomach and a computer virus. Have dealt with both. Dad called and woke me up too early because I had emailed him the previous night and asked him for the recipe for his falukorv-apple-curry casserole and he was, naturally, thrilled. The temperature over there was -27C last morning. While we talked, my little brother made popcorn in the background and I made a joke to Dad about him exploding the kitchen and that's when their fire alarm went off. (Apparently, though, nothing was actually on fire.)
He's turning 21 in two weeks, which is madness. When my hubby first met him, he was 11 and he and his friends were running around the house playing James Bond, chanting "I haf license to kill" over and over again. It CAN'T have been ten years ago.

When hubby came home last night, I treated him to waffles the Swedish way (Dad thinks it's both borderline offensive and hilarious that you just pop them ready-made in the toaster over here) - with whipped cream and jam.

I want to bake key lime/white chocolate cupcakes. I also want to make semlor. And smörgåstårta.

I also want to go watch more West Wing, which I am about to do now.


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