I'm cranky. Partly because I just got my period, but also because a check that was supposed to arrive last week still hasn't ("processing error", they just let us know, after a week, when we finally asked. It was sent yesterday, apparently), we're running out of food and have two dollars in the bank account. Also, no snow. Even though the forecast promised! :( I was hoping the snow would cheer my hubby up, but there's been nothing. Sigh. We got some snow! It's gone, but for a half hour or so, there was snow!

As soon as that check comes, we're finally going to celebrate Valentine's Day.
kyrenekyorl: (inception a/e hands)

From: [personal profile] kyrenekyorl

*hugs* Sometimes you're just cranky. Hope things look up for you soon!! And I really hope that check arrives soon for you! ^.^ That really sucks. ^.^

We've got a light dusting of snow this morning - certainly not the snow-pocalypse they've been promising. ^_^;; We shall see what today holds! ^o^

Have a wonderful belated V-Day!! *hugs you some more* And feel better!! <3

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