I just realized why I think Ariel is the best Disney princess. I understand that she gets flack for being a romantic little idiot and bad rolemodel or whatnot, BUT she's the ONLY princess who actually drives the movie with her own will instead of just reacting to something that's happening to her. That's why I feel like she has a much stronger identity than the others. (That, and she is the best animated of them all - especially her face. It brims with life.)  
In fact, it seems that the Disney princesses that followed are all variations of Ariel: independent, headstrong, adventurous and longing for something more. But despite this, they all reacted to circumstances and compared to her, I find them all bland. Too perfect. Ariel was very flawed, but I welcome that, as the alternative is presenting another ideal that girls can't possibly live up to. Not every character has to be a rolemodel, sometimes they just need to be relatable.

I have a cold. Will go back to bed now.

PS: I haven't watched Princess and the Frog. Tiana might be an exception.
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