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( Nov. 5th, 2010 10:34 pm)
On Tuesday, hubby and I went out to celebrate that it's been 10 years since we officially became a couple! We had coffee and Thai food and then we went to shop for books. (I got this - if any artist could inspire me to take up art again, it would probably be Jaime Hernandez. Or Hiroaki Samura.)

I understand that there's a new Wheel of Time book out. Man. This thing has been going for twenty years!! It was a huge part of my high school years (maybe even junior high...? Oh say it ain't so.) Apparently, this installment gives a lot of page time to what used to be my favorite character, so I might just have to pick it up. But geez, getting back into the ball of yarn of that universe feels like an intimidating task even with the Internet. It's not even like my favorite was a particularly fantastic character - I latched on to him when I was young and lost and wanted something to latch onto and then I just kind of clung out of loyalty. Loyalty's a strong force, though. I never completely let go of old fandoms. Oh, and I can still remember the thrill of rushing to the bookstore to pick up the latest, untranslated WOT book after ordering it. The happy smell of paper, cardboard and pens. *reminisces*

On the topic of JGL, he appears to be back in action. I really, really want to give him a hug.

I was thinking the other day about how far removed the Arthur character is from JGL until I realized how wrong I was:

“The spiral in a snail’s shell conforms to what some call the golden ratio: about 1 to 1.618,” he says. “The curve can be found in the Milky Way, in pine cones and in the proportion between the distances from the tip of your toes to your navel, and your navel to the top of your head.”


Joseph Gordon-Levitt has put on a tie, as he does before every interview. This wouldn’t be noteworthy if not for the fact that we’re talking to each other on the phone. “Yeah, I put on a tie to talk to you,” he admits, laughing at the absurdity. “Doing interviews requires a certain mindset. You have to speak in a way that’s quotable and translates to text—if I put on a tie it helps me remember that.”

JGL was Arthur before there was an Arthur. I'm so amused.

Other than that, I mostly feel the listlessness of the spoiled.

I hadn't seen this before:

Built in the converted British airship hangar that Nolan has often used for a soundstage, the 100-foot-long hallway was suspended by eight huge, concentric rings that could turn a full 360 degrees. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who plays Dom's meticulously dressed and prepared Lt. Arthur, fought stuntmen representing a defensive subconscious on wires while the shifting walls enhanced the hallucinatory weightlessness of the situation.

Gordon-Levitt, who trained to pull off the scene's physical demands, says the real key was remembering that Arthur was engaged in psychological combat.

"I wanted to do the sequences as the character," the grown-up "3rd Rock from the Sun" kid says. "He's very particular, fastidious, thought-through; he remains a step ahead of everything. And in these action sequences, he's dreaming, it's a mental thing. It's not like he can take on all of these physically bigger guards. But he knows he's dreaming and is, in effect, keeping his own subconscious in control. So it was about remaining calm, kind of cold stone efficient."

"Lt.Arthur" ?
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( Oct. 18th, 2010 09:49 pm)

Yeah hi, this whole "life" thing is a bit uninspiring right now. The Roily household has cleaning to do this week, because hubby's dad will be staying with us for hubby's grandpa's funeral on Saturday. So I'm sitting here, wasting precious hours on the Internet when I should tackle the growing debris in the kitchen.

I feel like I'm never getting enough sleep, I'm excited for Christmas, I kind of loathe Halloween, I feel pretty useless and lame in general, my houseplants look pretty bad and it's twice now in a month that I've almost gotten a write-up at work due to my till being $40 over or so, only for it to be revealed at last minute that it was the new assistant manager's fault, for printing the till summary before I'd completed the last transaction or forgetting to post-void a botched transaction. Which I'm not really mad at her for, because she's new and super nice and I like her a lot, but GAH.
My till's almost never off, I'll have you know, and I've only gotten one write-up in the close-to-three-years I've been working there and that was the very first week. I'll also have you know that I hate cashiering with a passion, because my head is not designed for fast math and people=stress to me. I mean, some recovery shifts are absolutely horrible, but I'll still take that kind of stress any day over cashiering on a slow day.

Now that that's off my chest, I should probably go do something useful.

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( Oct. 12th, 2010 09:00 pm)
I just had an epiphany:

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Tom Hardy were created to achieve some kind of cosmic balance. As long as they are both alive and well, the world will be pretty OK. They're like the yin and yang of wonderful. They need to star in a comedy together, playing themselves, pronto. It would slaughter the box office.

He’s painstakingly polite, asking if I’m too cold when we’re seated outside, picking up my silverware when we move inside, moving the recorder closer to him so I can hear it better later. Our conversation is punctuated every few minutes by his clearly articulated “Thank you” every time the waitress comes to our table. He may shake off any trace of hesitation on camera, but he hesitates often during our conversation. He pauses nearly as much as he speaks, rewords statements, stops mid-sentence, starts over. It’s hard to tell if this is pure deliberation—a rigorous mind outracing his words—or media-trained evasion, the product of being on-the-record since he got an agent at age six.

Tom Hardy.
“I am co0kin turkey yo x ”

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( Oct. 11th, 2010 10:29 pm)

- Extremely lazy. Just...drained. I generally don't deal with fall very well, but this year is worse than most.

- I just cut my hair! Only $15,50. It wasn't until I came home that I realized I look like my mom. But that's OK - my mom's hot.

- JGL. I don't know what I like most about him - his big adorable grin that makes everything a little brighter, his boyish enthusiasm, that he knows exactly how to wear clothes, his down-to-earth charm, his inexplicable charisma (despite not being conventionally handsome), his strange chemistry with Tom Hardy, how he slaughtered Jimmy Fallon in laser tag, his erotic photoshoot with Claudia Schiffer, that he turned the tables on the paparazzi, his acting and how he physically changes from role to role (I would post links, but no - too much and too lazy), that he's acrobatic like whoa, that he did his own stunts in Inception, that he speaks (and sings in) French, that he's smart and articulate and fun to read in interviews and professional and...? I dunno! He's a little much for me sometimes, but so gosh darn huggable. I want to ruffle his hair. I'm a year older than him, so I think that's alright.

- I still need to get some icons. JGL icons? Inception icons? Arthur icons? Arthur/Eames icons? I think I'm overwhelmed by the massive quantities of just such icons available everywhere.

I shouldn't be posting in this state. One day I will make a post with a point, I'm sure.*sigh*

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( Oct. 7th, 2010 07:14 pm)
Hubby hurt his foot/leg somehow and is in a lot of pain and can't walk. I made him dinner! OK, so the dinner was store-bought orange chicken and tater tots heated in the oven, but it was dinner and I made it! He's still in pain, though.:(

On a more serious, but less personal note, JGL's brother died. :( JGL called him his "super hero". *cries* I feel so bad for him and his family I don't know what foot to stand on.

We saw Brick last night. Loved it. Smooth, atmospheric and occasionally hilarious. JGL reminded me a bit of my brother in it, which made me miss him. :(


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( Oct. 3rd, 2010 02:28 pm)
I am having two-bite blueberry scones and coffee! It's my day off! I have three days off in a row! Our bank account cries, but I still feel like just enjoying it, because work is kicking my proverbial parts. I'm seriously so sick of it. I feel like the pressure's just been building up these past few months, the hours being cut down while the work load is increasing. Or maybe it's just fall depression kicking in. Oh, and Bob the Wonder Manager removed one of our registers six months ago, to get more store space, so Christmas is going to be Hell On Earth. Not happy.

I am writing Arthur fic. I'm not sure I've ever felt this mainstream, fandom-wise. I need an "I liked Arthur when he was indie" shirt.
I'm also joining the throngs of JGL fans. I can't help it, stop pushing and keep your elbows to yourself please. He's got too much going for him and he's got one of those smiles that make me happy. Plus, Hesher! I'm not sure how I feel about him playing a younger version of Bruce Willis, though. We'll see!

I guess I need Inception icons, but I'm strangely uninspired.

This is the best Arthur/Eames fanmix I've come across and people should appreciate it more. "Trouble" and "Strict Machine" are their respective theme songs and no one can tell me otherwise.

And while I'm at it, where did the trope explosion of Eames wooing Arthur come from? I'm all for creative freedom and if it floats your boat, then by all means, write it, but I just don't get it. I see nothing in the movie that indicates he would do anything of the sort. I'm having a hard time seeing any of them wooing the other, to tell the truth. They're both proud and closed off, their respective emotional walls just look different. I could MAYBE see it going the other way around, because I suspect that once you're in Arthur's circle of friends, he'll want to keep you there, while Eames came off as a much more evasive personality. I see Eames as the big stumbling block, really. He won't commit if he can help it.

No, I didn't watch the movie again. These are just delayed reactions, possibly skewed from my mind twisting and turning the thing over in my head for a couple weeks.

- Is it just me or is Cobb's social skills atrocious? Talking about intestinal worms while making an important pitch to a potential client who's eating?

- I can't help but wonder...did Mal's death make Cobb the way he was in the movie or was he like that before? Was the inception he performed on her perhaps indicative of a much wider dark streak? Because it's not just his subconscious that's a freight train, his personality seems like that the whole movie: brusque, temperamental, rude, manipulative and completely self-centered, he doesn't care who he has to sacrifice as long as he gets what he wants. But since what he wants is so compelling, we root for him anyway.

- The Arthur/Eames ship doesn't really need more wind in its sails, but was Arthur the carrot Cobb used to drag Eames into the whole mess? From what I remember of the Mombasa scene, it seems to me that Eames' interest in the affair was pretty lukewarm until:

Cobb: "Arthur says it can't be done."
(cue Tom Hardy's body language saying I AM MORE AFFECTED BY THAT NAME THAN I WOULD LIKE TO ADMIT)
Eames: "Arthur. You still working with that stick-in-the-mud?"
Cobb: "He's good at what he does, right?"
Eames: "Oh, he's the best. But he's got no imagination"
Cobb: "Not like you."

Cobb is such a manipulative bastard. "Come prove you're better than Arthur!" or "Come prove yourself to Arthur!" or both?

- I found an old interview with Dileep Rao (whom I loved, btw) and his comment on the "let's slap Arthur" scene:

---- BE: Okay, so about the film. You knew this question was coming, I realize, but as soon as I saw you do this in the movie, I knew I had to ask you about it: how much did you enjoy pushing Joseph Gordon Levitt backwards in his chair?

DR: (Laughs) You know, I’ve got to say that the funniest part of that is that me and Tom Hardy were cracking up, because Joseph had to keep a straight face and do the stunt, and he’s impeccably good at it, but we were just having so much fun. I’m knocking him over, and Tom’s sitting there watching me doing it, and the fact that he couldn’t participate in the fun of knocking him over somehow made it even funnier to both of us. We had a real blast doing that. And I got to slap his face! And I was, like, “Okay, this is a movie, not a play, so I’m going to have to actually slap him.” So we just kind of went back and forth, and Chris showed me what he wanted, so I got to slap Joseph a couple of times. I’m, like, “Dude, are you okay?” “Yeah, of course I am.” “All right, just wanted to make sure.” (Laughs) ---

Poor abused Joseph!

It's 4:45 and it might be time to go to bed.

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( Sep. 16th, 2010 12:39 am)
This is so brilliant.

Also, Arthur sometimes rolls up his sleeves, y'all!

Oh, and  JGL and Hardy being adorable on the set! )

Other than that...meh. Summer's OVER. *cries* I never got to go to the beach or anything. I didn't finish the yard or digging up the blackberry vines. The rainy season has begun and I...well, I suck. *gorges on Swedish chocolate*

Plus, the associate manager at work is leaving for greener pastures any day now and I'm going to miss her.

I would like to skip Halloween and Thanksgiving and jump straight to Christmas. What I need is lots of cozy lights, a fire in the fireplace and piles of loot to brighten my spirits. 



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