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2012-11-09 05:56 pm
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False alarm so many times before. My arm's not better, in fact, it's worse than before, and at work they keep giving me register shifts, which doesn't help. I'm staring to wonder if I'll ever see the end of this. 
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2012-11-02 01:03 pm
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I CAN USE THE COMPUTER AGAIN short patches, at least. It's been ALMOST FOUR MONTHS. I will tell more later, but I'm worried that I might exceed my typing quota for the day. Suffice to say that I've been MISERABLE. I'm doing strength exercises with a soup can now. YAY!
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2012-08-28 02:12 pm
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 ...but thanks to tendonitis in my wrist, I need to stay off the computer for the foreseeable future. Sigh.
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2012-06-10 03:33 pm
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Wanna take you for a ride on a big jet plane

 We're leaving for Sweden on Tuesday and I'm crawling out of my skin. I've been a nervous wreck for the last month or so, because of finances and drawing and period and I don't know what. I hope things will get better once this trip is over. Or hey, maybe during the trip, even? MAYBE THIS WILL ACTUALLY BE FUN??

Just yesterday, an old friend from my hometown emailed to say she bought a house - "So the next time you visit Sweden, you'll have a place to stay in town!". Cringe. I hadn't told her I'm coming to Sweden, because the agenda appears fully booked just being with my parents, who live an 8 hour drive away from my hometown and gas is $9/gallon over there. 

I don't know why EVERYTHING is a big huge deal with me these days.
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2012-04-15 12:48 pm
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The adventures of.

 Yesterday, at work, I was sitting in the breakroom, enjoying my well-deserved chocolate next to a new recruit who was forced to sit through all our instruction videos, when we heard the bathroom door open and the rather large lady who had been in there since I went to buy the chocolate, slowly made her way back, leaning on her cart. She stopped outside the breakroom, staring at the new guy, (I was blocked from view by the angle.)

"Are you an employee?" she said. (I thought "crap, there must be a mess in the bathroom")

"Uhm...not yet, but I will-"

"The Titanic is on the KATU in five minutes!"


"You tell everyone!"


And that's how he got introduced to working retail.

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2012-01-10 12:12 pm
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I've rediscovered Robyn.

I admire Robyn. Tremendously so. I want to be brief here, because I have to get going, but it's so nice to hear that she's still going strong. I remember when she debuted in Sweden back when we both were teenagers. I was never an actual fan of hers, but she was a Presence, with her songs and her personality, and I can't say I didn't admire her even when I rolled my eyes at yet another hit of hers.

Many videos under the cut! )
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2012-01-03 05:28 pm
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This is random, but IMPORTANT.

 I just realized why I think Ariel is the best Disney princess. I understand that she gets flack for being a romantic little idiot and bad rolemodel or whatnot, BUT she's the ONLY princess who actually drives the movie with her own will instead of just reacting to something that's happening to her. That's why I feel like she has a much stronger identity than the others. (That, and she is the best animated of them all - especially her face. It brims with life.)  
In fact, it seems that the Disney princesses that followed are all variations of Ariel: independent, headstrong, adventurous and longing for something more. But despite this, they all reacted to circumstances and compared to her, I find them all bland. Too perfect. Ariel was very flawed, but I welcome that, as the alternative is presenting another ideal that girls can't possibly live up to. Not every character has to be a rolemodel, sometimes they just need to be relatable.

I have a cold. Will go back to bed now.

PS: I haven't watched Princess and the Frog. Tiana might be an exception.
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2011-12-25 10:57 pm
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 Thank you, thank you, thank you, [personal profile] kyrenekyorl , for my Tiny Book of Tiny Stories! It's absolutely adorable!
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2011-12-21 02:45 pm
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On the topic of Christmas music.

 People are seriously disliking "Santa Baby" because it's greedy and materialistic? Isn't that kind of the whole point? Parody, anyone? Sense of humor?? No?

And then I see THIS

What makes the recording remarkable (and debate-worthy) is that she does not add the sexy inflections that other singers have put into the song. Eartha Kitt’s 1953 version and Madonna’s 1987 version are the most notable. They feature a more sultry style of a woman gold-digging Santa for pricy gifts. The teen country star however guides her version briskly through without stopping to purr in Santa’s ear.

Some members of my family think Taylor missed the point of the song; that being, the attempt to compromise Santa. I’m not convinced Taylor missed the point. No one sells millions of records and sells out stadium shows by missing the point.

In this era where teen (especially female) singers attempt to propel their careers via sexually charged content, Taylor Swift again has taken a road that is more chaste than what our culture expects.

Santa, if you are listening, put an extra present under Taylor Swift’s tree. She’s been a good girl who does not need to pretend to be bad.

So, in other words, it's OK that she is asking for a sable, a light blue '54 convertible, a duplex and checks, a yacht,  the deed to a platinum mine and a ring, because she doesn't sound sexy when asking for it. That makes her a good girl! Oh, if only we all could be like Taylor Swift.

Screw'em all, I won't let'em ruin my Christmas. I love Santa Baby. Eartha Kitt's version, that is. Which, as far as I'm concerned, is the only version ever made. Just shut up, Taylor Swift (and Madonna). Just. shut. up.

And while I'm at it, "Simply having a wonderful Christmas time" is the worst Christmas song of all time. Why is it on so many compilations? And "Baby, it's cold outside" is the creepiest. Can't they just stop playing it? Doesn't anyone ever listen to the lyrics?  

I am clearly entering into a new phase in my life (ie: getting old), since I used to prefer modern Christmas music, but now avoid it like pestilence. The old stuff just has so much more atmosphere. So this year's Christmas CD, burnt by me, goes:

I'm gonna lasso Santa Claus - Brenda Lee
Everybody's waiting for the man with the bag - Taylor, Brooks, Stanley
The Christmas Song - Nat King Cole
Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer - Jack Johnson (not old, but it has a much better ending than the original. You go Rudolph!)
Santa Claus got stuck in my chimney - Ella Fitzgerald
Santa Baby - Eartha Kitt
Have yourself a merry little Christmas - Judy Garland
December - Billy Butterfield
The Bell Medley - Classic Christmas singers (yeah, I don't know who they are - it was free on Amazon!)
You don't have to be a Santa Claus - The Mills Brothers
O Holy Night - Nat King Cole

Maybe I should go and actually prepare for Christmas?
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2011-12-12 11:56 am
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2011-12-02 01:06 am
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 Today, I flipped out. I threw coffee at the kitchen window, a sandwich in the sink, a trash bin across the room and a fit in pretty much every direction. Busy's tail grew huge, Markus ran away from me and my hubby emerged from his killer work session in the basement to just stare at me. 

Then he gave me a hug and made me more coffee.

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2011-11-29 12:58 pm
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World's best Christmas song! sung by 11-year old Brenda Lee. Dang.

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2011-11-18 12:10 am
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On the bright side, I have carrot juice.

 Today I wiped up a lot of puke to the tune of "Frosty the Snowman". Tired now.
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2011-11-13 01:26 pm
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(no subject)

Not much going on. Life is just floating on a pleasant cloud of fluff. This might be the best fall (season) I've experienced in my life, actually. I don't want to jinx it by talking about or analyzing it too much. We just recently discovered Nob Hill, though, and have been enjoying it ever since. We first went there on November 2nd to celebrate that it's been 11 years since hubby and I became a couple. There we discovered Java Vivace and their crepes (as well as their hot white chocolate...I died), and a Moonstruck chocolate cafe with cozy leather armchairs and scrumptious macarons. Little pieces of heaven.<3

I discovered the site, but I won't actually link to it, as a symbolic gesture, because I feel it's kind of gross, though morbidly captivating. What drew me in was the Perelson mansion (WARNING: sad story behind the cut - don't click if you get depressed by that kind of stuff), which has stood uninhabited since 1960 since a murder/suicide and is slowly rotting away for unknown reason. Seriously - it's a gorgeous mansion and the owner hasn't done anything with it for fifty years other than use it for storage. The case led me to the findadeath forum, where they discussed it, and one of the neighbors posted, complaining about all the trespassers on the property. He was promptly chewed out, which still irks me. It's not that I can't understand the thrill of looking into an old abandoned mansion with fifty-year old belongings left in it - no problem. I'd definitely feel tempted. But at least REALIZE that you're not exactly a moral paragon when you trespass on someone else's private property, abandoned or not. You ARE breaking the law and you ARE disrespecting boundaries and when you get called out on it, the very least you can do is act humble and not like it's your god-given right to go wherever you please. You-don't-have-the-right-to-be-pissed. End. Geez. 

Speaking of abandoned places, though, I found these to be insanely moving: Kathy's house and Patrick's house (check all of Brian Mac D's galleries, if you like).

Now: food.
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2011-11-01 11:13 am
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I am done! I am now 120 lbs, down from 140! And just in time for tomorrow's anniversary binge! After that, I'll get back on the diet until I've lost whatever I gained that day, but then I am done!

It hasn't been bad, really. I've eaten a lot of good stuff and I finally incorporated an exercise routine into my life, which I will maintain. I will also keep eating pretty much the same my hubby (who's still on the diet) is eating, though with more carbs, partly to maintain this weight and partly to make dieting easier on him. But I can have sugar now! SUGAR! *squeals*

Halloween was awesome! Except for one kid who didn't bother to wear a costume and still nicked TWO candy bars! Gross. 
More later. I have pictures!<3

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2011-10-29 11:01 pm
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Black Cat Awareness Day

So, apparently Black Cat Awareness Day came and went with me completely unaware. That won't do, because I have a gorgeous, wonderful black cat full of quirks and earnest charm and I feel the need to brag. In other words, it's time for a picspam.

I've posted this before, but here's how Busy looked when we first got him, three (four?) years ago. 

He had a bad cold, but the first thing he did when let out of his carrier was come up to me and climb up on my back. The shelter had named him Crow. I quickly changed that after seeing the amount of energy he had - even while sick! This skinny little bundle tore apart three cat wands - one in less than two minutes!

 He's settled down some since then, but not that much. He's still very energetic, playful and hilariously high strung, but also very respectful (if that word can be used about a cat). He knows not to use claws on our bare skin, he makes requests with little whines and soft paws. He loves cuddles, but doesn't ask for any when Markus is around, because Markus is the higher one in rank. He still always kicks Markus' butt in a fight, though.
He loves blanket tunnels and chasing after cat wands. He can bat a ball in mid-air with perfect precision, but doesn't know what to do with it once it stops. He never eats full meals - only many small ones throughout the day. He's always a dream at the vet and has the most wonderful medium-length silky fur, shiny and soft. He likes to groom us - reaching for my hair with soft paws and lick it until it's all clean or polish my husband's scalp to perfection while purring so loud any stress just melts out of you. He's our little bundle of joy and here he is, in a picspam of his very own:

Busybeans )
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2011-10-29 02:48 pm
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 Saturday is here and I have totally failed. I now have 3 lbs to go. I think I hear laughter coming from my belly region. 

On the bright side, I've noticed some muscle tone popping up here and there. And I can now do 30 proper leg lifts whereas I had trouble with just five when I started.
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2011-10-28 04:07 am
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 2.5 lbs left!! November 2nd is the 11-year anniversary of when hubby asked me to be his girlfriend. 11 years. 11. It doesn't sound likely, but there it is.

Anyway, November 2nd we go out to indulge ourselves. I've been extra strict this week, because I want to reach the 120 mark by Saturday. Not sure it's going to happen at this rate, but we'll see. I will then have lost 20 lbs. 
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2011-10-26 12:58 pm
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 I was going to Skype with Dad an hour ago and he has yet to show up. Story of my life. And if he does show up, he'll act oblivious to being late and I won't call him out on it, because I don't want to wipe that goofy grin off his face.  

I guess I'm supposed to chalk this up to his Asperger's now.
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2011-10-20 10:52 pm
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