...in short patches, at least. It's been ALMOST FOUR MONTHS. I will tell more later, but I'm worried that I might exceed my typing quota for the day. Suffice to say that I've been MISERABLE. I'm doing strength exercises with a soup can now. YAY!
 We're leaving for Sweden on Tuesday and I'm crawling out of my skin. I've been a nervous wreck for the last month or so, because of finances and drawing and period and I don't know what. I hope things will get better once this trip is over. Or hey, maybe during the trip, even? MAYBE THIS WILL ACTUALLY BE FUN??

Just yesterday, an old friend from my hometown emailed to say she bought a house - "So the next time you visit Sweden, you'll have a place to stay in town!". Cringe. I hadn't told her I'm coming to Sweden, because the agenda appears fully booked just being with my parents, who live an 8 hour drive away from my hometown and gas is $9/gallon over there. 

I don't know why EVERYTHING is a big huge deal with me these days.
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( Apr. 15th, 2012 12:48 pm)
 Yesterday, at work, I was sitting in the breakroom, enjoying my well-deserved chocolate next to a new recruit who was forced to sit through all our instruction videos, when we heard the bathroom door open and the rather large lady who had been in there since I went to buy the chocolate, slowly made her way back, leaning on her cart. She stopped outside the breakroom, staring at the new guy, (I was blocked from view by the angle.)

"Are you an employee?" she said. (I thought "crap, there must be a mess in the bathroom")

"Uhm...not yet, but I will-"

"The Titanic is on the KATU in five minutes!"


"You tell everyone!"


And that's how he got introduced to working retail.

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( Dec. 2nd, 2011 01:06 am)
 Today, I flipped out. I threw coffee at the kitchen window, a sandwich in the sink, a trash bin across the room and a fit in pretty much every direction. Busy's tail grew huge, Markus ran away from me and my hubby emerged from his killer work session in the basement to just stare at me. 

Then he gave me a hug and made me more coffee.

 Today I wiped up a lot of puke to the tune of "Frosty the Snowman". Tired now.
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( Nov. 13th, 2011 01:26 pm)
Not much going on. Life is just floating on a pleasant cloud of fluff. This might be the best fall (season) I've experienced in my life, actually. I don't want to jinx it by talking about or analyzing it too much. We just recently discovered Nob Hill, though, and have been enjoying it ever since. We first went there on November 2nd to celebrate that it's been 11 years since hubby and I became a couple. There we discovered Java Vivace and their crepes (as well as their hot white chocolate...I died), and a Moonstruck chocolate cafe with cozy leather armchairs and scrumptious macarons. Little pieces of heaven.<3

I discovered the site findadeath.com, but I won't actually link to it, as a symbolic gesture, because I feel it's kind of gross, though morbidly captivating. What drew me in was the Perelson mansion (WARNING: sad story behind the cut - don't click if you get depressed by that kind of stuff), which has stood uninhabited since 1960 since a murder/suicide and is slowly rotting away for unknown reason. Seriously - it's a gorgeous mansion and the owner hasn't done anything with it for fifty years other than use it for storage. The case led me to the findadeath forum, where they discussed it, and one of the neighbors posted, complaining about all the trespassers on the property. He was promptly chewed out, which still irks me. It's not that I can't understand the thrill of looking into an old abandoned mansion with fifty-year old belongings left in it - no problem. I'd definitely feel tempted. But at least REALIZE that you're not exactly a moral paragon when you trespass on someone else's private property, abandoned or not. You ARE breaking the law and you ARE disrespecting boundaries and when you get called out on it, the very least you can do is act humble and not like it's your god-given right to go wherever you please. You-don't-have-the-right-to-be-pissed. End. Geez. 

Speaking of abandoned places, though, I found these to be insanely moving: Kathy's house and Patrick's house (check all of Brian Mac D's galleries, if you like).

Now: food.
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( Nov. 1st, 2011 11:13 am)
I am done! I am now 120 lbs, down from 140! And just in time for tomorrow's anniversary binge! After that, I'll get back on the diet until I've lost whatever I gained that day, but then I am done!

It hasn't been bad, really. I've eaten a lot of good stuff and I finally incorporated an exercise routine into my life, which I will maintain. I will also keep eating pretty much the same my hubby (who's still on the diet) is eating, though with more carbs, partly to maintain this weight and partly to make dieting easier on him. But I can have sugar now! SUGAR! *squeals*

Halloween was awesome! Except for one kid who didn't bother to wear a costume and still nicked TWO candy bars! Gross. 
More later. I have pictures!<3

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( Oct. 29th, 2011 02:48 pm)
 Saturday is here and I have totally failed. I now have 3 lbs to go. I think I hear laughter coming from my belly region. 

On the bright side, I've noticed some muscle tone popping up here and there. And I can now do 30 proper leg lifts whereas I had trouble with just five when I started.
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( Oct. 28th, 2011 04:07 am)
 2.5 lbs left!! November 2nd is the 11-year anniversary of when hubby asked me to be his girlfriend. 11 years. 11. It doesn't sound likely, but there it is.

Anyway, November 2nd we go out to indulge ourselves. I've been extra strict this week, because I want to reach the 120 mark by Saturday. Not sure it's going to happen at this rate, but we'll see. I will then have lost 20 lbs. 
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( Oct. 26th, 2011 12:58 pm)
 I was going to Skype with Dad an hour ago and he has yet to show up. Story of my life. And if he does show up, he'll act oblivious to being late and I won't call him out on it, because I don't want to wipe that goofy grin off his face.  

I guess I'm supposed to chalk this up to his Asperger's now.
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( Oct. 19th, 2011 10:36 pm)
 I've been without Internet for DAYS! Our modem died and the new one finally arrived. After 2 hours on the phone with various tech support people, it finally seems to have started working on its own. I'm excited.

I'm also a complete psycho and need to somehow learn how to finish a drawing without tearing the paper to pieces and throwing the materials across the room. Seriously, is there therapy for this kind of thing? It's a genuine problem. 

I made this the other day, and we had it with steak. It was lovely. However, if you don't have access to wasabi-strength radishes handpicked on an organically grown farm (which we didn't), I recommend you add pepper. Next, we will make this.

I've had my very first French macaron (yes, on a day when we went off the diet). They are now all I can think about. They dance before my vision. Especially the pistachio flavored kind, but I know there are so many more! I want sugar, have I said that? SUGAR. Gah. Only 4.5 lbs left.:(
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( Oct. 9th, 2011 03:37 pm)
 I now weigh 124.5 and that's the least so far on the diet! Only 4.5 lbs left to my goal and then: SUGAR! *salivates* I meet so many people who say that sugar, they can take or leave, but they couldn't handle living without pasta. I can't relate. I want pastries! I want chocolate! I want candy! Swedish candy! Salty, sour, sweet and the kind of spicy that burns a hole in your tongue. Green, baked pistachio sweets by the pound, Geisha chocolate and Polly and Turkish Pepper and Jungle Roar and Dumle and Pigall. 

There are several sites out there that sell and ship Swedish candy abroad, but when I signed up for one, filled my cart and proceeded to checkout to calculate shipping, FOUR ITEMS cost $50 to acquire! $50!! 


But, in brighter news, fall is here! I bought a purple pea coat and a purple hat! I'm ridiculously excited about all of this. Oh, and I have a curling iron now. Which I'm slightly afraid to use. 

I have tomorrow off. I will celebrate by temporarily going off my diet and buy pastries and sugar. Yes.

PS: I want to live like this. I mean look, just look. More here.
We would totally ruin that place with our neglect in no time, though. Sad, but true. Oh well. Maybe after we grow up.

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( Sep. 14th, 2011 09:59 pm)
 So, last week and a half dragged by like knee-deep in mud. I re-gained 6 lbs from PMS and threw a fit, but have since lost it, thankfully. The 6 lbs, that is, not my sanity.

I've been tired, tired, tired, with the cats waking me up over and over again, mornings and nights, by scratching at the carpet underneath our bedroom door. I spent one work shift being dizzy and had to go sit down repeatedly. Water just made me nauseous. Still not sure what was going on there. No, I'm not pregnant.

I did buy two pairs of boots for $50 combined, got a haircut, bought a lovely sweater and a big planter with wine red mums, to shield my pieris from the sun and wind (of course I didn't get around to that until after the end of the heatwave - you go, girl). It's finally getting cooler. I'm more than ready for fall.

I Skyped with my grandparents! They were so cute! My grandmother made sure to point out, though - as she will every single time -  that they're old now. Just in case I missed it. But oh! I'd so missed her shrill voice and Grandpa's baritone and they were so excited to see me.<33
I've also Skyped with my dad, whose wife has moved away because she has trouble dealing with his Aspergers. It's only supposed to be temporary and they'll be seeing a counselor, so here's hoping. I really don't want Dad to be alone again.:(

In other news, I ordered three Astrid Lindgren books in English! I'm extremely excited. Astrid Lindgren...how do I even put into words what she meant to me and most other Swedish kids growing up...she's written so many stories, created so many little worlds which all ring bright and true. Some worlds are darker than others, but she has such a firm grasp of all her characters and their humanity, that they never get TOO dark - (even when the protagonists DIE in the very beginning). Her stories can be hilarious, gruesome, dramatic, sad, idyllic and bittersweet, but they're always memorable. 
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( Aug. 22nd, 2011 03:40 pm)
Long rant about my cat under cut. )

Oh well. Other than that, I'm merely tired and have links to share for anyone who's bored:


Wonderputt - a golf game. Perhaps the cutest, loveliest, most brilliant golf game that ever came for free. There are frogs and submarines and torpedoes and cows being abducted by UFOs! Let your cursor hover over the ball and you get an arrow that you can spin around in whatever direction you want. Pull the cursor back and the arrow will widen and turn red - the wider and redder the arrow, the more force in your putt. After you've played the first 18 holes you unlock the "Wonder Mode", where you have to complete a rainbow by hitting every rainbow colored drop on the course. You can also win achievements as you go. Have fun!

Tanooky Tracks - Tanookys are mischievous little spirits that like to hide in objects that resemble themselves. This house is infested with them! Find the hiding spots of all twelve Tanookys and lure them out by either attracting them or repelling them. A hint book is provided, with riddles for each Tanooky, designed to give you a clue.  (Here's a walkthrough if you get stuck).

Vision - one of the most gorgeous escape-the-room games ever created, and a well-made game, too. It's just stunning from start to finish. (Here's a walkthrough, just in case.)  

This is just because...do I really need to explain myself? :
Adam Savage as Gollum sings "I will survive".

Oh, and have a kitten.
Now: I will draw.

Also, I Skyped with my mom! It was lovely! She's tanned and blonde and looked so happy and pretty. I miss her!

I am supposed to spend at least 5 hours on my days off in the studio, drawing. I have spent, at most, an hour and a half and I am currently NOT in the studio drawing. Bad Roily. Bad.

OK, so I'm not actually DRAWING, but INKING, which is something I'm really not good at. It's HARD and it looks like crap and I'm messing up and I'm just letting myself, thinking "no one's gonna see this no one's gonna see this etc." Because no one is. But I will get better. Goshdarnit.

I better go do it now, though.
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( Aug. 5th, 2011 02:05 pm)
Not feeling eloquent, just want to crawl back into my low-carb hole and not emerge until there's 20 lbs less of me. But here's a brief status update:

- Yes, I am dieting. Me and hubby both.
- I think maybe I might not have arthritis after all.
- There's really no difference between Madagascar Vanilla and Regular Vanilla.
- There is, however, a difference between Regular Vanilla and Sugarfree Vanilla.
- *cries*
- *wants cupcakes*
- I got a webcam!
- I will start drawing again!

There. Out of steam now. Later. Have some Maru, to inspire:

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( Jul. 31st, 2011 01:29 pm)
My dear 82-year old Grandpa has gotten a new computer and started using the Internet! We've already emailed each other back and forth several times!<3  He's also started using Skype! Skype!
Came home from the store, PMSing like a madwoman (because I wanted WHITE flowers and they STILL didn't HAVE white flowers! The nerve!) throwing stuff around (I wish I was exaggerating), yelling and stuttering as I tried to articulate to my hubby what particular flower I was looking for and not having the words (because I'm SWEDISH, dammit, and your language is friggin' difficult) and then finally running into our bedroom and slamming the door behind me. And instead of going "WTF is wrong with you?? I'll just avoid you for the rest of the day," hubby hugged me and asked what's wrong and I just started bawling and fell down on the bed, arms over my head, only to have Markus promptly deciding that my armpit was his new snuggleplace and just TRY to be mad when you have a big, purring fluffball on your face. Just try.

And now off to work. Maybe I should bring Markus with me?
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( Jul. 17th, 2011 12:00 pm)
The other night, I broke down crying at work from stress (and lack of sleep). Embarrassing.
Yesterday, I made a fool of myself cashiering and some customers rolled their eyes at me. Then I found a curtain, neatly folded like a flag.

But, before that, we went to IKEA and bought two shelves, which I will put pretty things on. And I got Dark Shadows in the mail, which may be my favorite Blade of the Immortal volume for the Anotsu/Magatsu conversation. Emotionally repressed boys saying goodbye!<3

PS: Did you guys know I spilled blueberry drink (from IKEA!) on the carpet yesterday? Did you know I actually GOT the stain OUT? Kneel, please.

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( Jul. 12th, 2011 05:53 pm)
Tomorrow we get a guest who's going to stay here a week. In other words, I need to clean ALL THE THINGS. In other words, oversleeping UNTIL 4PM was not a good move.

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( Jul. 2nd, 2011 03:38 am)
I fell off the earth planning on doing several long posts with lots of words and pictures and then not getting around to it. Not much to say at this moment, since it's way early in the morning and I haven't gone to bed yet, plus, I think I might be coming down with a cold. But we had a splendid 6th anniversary, where we rented a car (after YEARS of no car, what a feeling to cruise down the highway!), drove three hours to look at fish and then eat at a restaurant with ocean view. And drive some more. Oh, it was amazing.

I'm also getting back into Blade of the Immortal, and re-acquainted with Magatsu, my favorite character. Quite the manchild, but such a joy to read, dynamic, complex, sympathetic and entertaining, and he's growing up, too! *sniffles*  Also: the ART.
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( Jun. 8th, 2011 03:27 pm)
I followed hubby to have some blood drawn today (he's fine, btw) and as we arrived, two men came out of the doctor's office, one of them old and frail and leaning on a cane, and the younger one turned to him and exclaimed cheerfully: "Well! That sure didn't go the way you wanted it, did it?"
Other than that, not much news! Oh wait, hubby witnessed a robbery at a nearby 7/11. He hid behind The General Lee.

I'm still writing that Lynne post. It's turning out mighty long and it's, like, the third version or so. There will be pictures! Character manifestos can be difficult, especially when the character is peripheral, like Lynne is. There is so MUCH and so little at the same time.

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( May. 18th, 2011 02:12 pm)
The sun is shining. First I will go and pick up my new glasses(!!), THEN we'll start digging up the plants in the front yard!  THEN we will buy new ones (and mulch and such) and plant them! Please let this turn out well. Please let this turn out well. PLEASE, and so on.
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( May. 14th, 2011 02:12 pm)
I'm excited! See, I've come to a decision: I'm going to dig up and throw away the two rhododendrons in the front yard that have been giving me grief, plus the poor spirea. I will replace one of the rhodys with a new one (red!) and where the spirea and the other rhody was, I shall plant this. Isn't it gorgeous? Things will be on their way to being beautiful! I think.
...is just how BRUISED you feel after rocking a weighted hoop around your midriff for just a couple minutes. They don't sell padding for that? Come on! I want my muscles to feel sore, not my skin.

It's overcast and I'm grumpy. Also: Nightcrawler #80 on IGN's Top 100 Comic Book Heroes list? Beaten by GAMBIT and BEAST?? WTH?

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( May. 4th, 2011 01:14 pm)
Today will be awesome.
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( Apr. 30th, 2011 01:46 am)
I bought a hula hoop. At work, at first - one of the toy ones, for kids. I thought "Hey, $3 exercise equipment!", came home and discovered that a kid's hoop is useless for adult exercise. But, hooked on the idea, I got myself a grown-up, weighted one for $17 and hey, I can actually use this one! Here's to losing weight!

Today, at work, a lady asked me if we had lens cloths. I told her that last time we did, they were down in Electronics. She shook her head.
"NO," she spat. "They're for cleaning GLASSES".
"I know," I said, "but they're also for camera lenses and stuff. I bought some, myself!"
"No. Forget it. That's a stupid place to put them."
"Uhm. OK?"

To be perfectly fair, she was using a walker and might have felt miffed she had to walk all the way down to the end of the store? Still.
Btw, the lens cloths in question look like condoms in their square little wrappers. I always love pulling one out in public.

Other than that, I have been cranky. I dunno.
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( Apr. 24th, 2011 11:38 pm)
- I made key lime & white chocolate cupcakes! They taste as splendidly as you might suspect.

- I randomly found a blog post with an adorable little girl. It was her birthday party and it was all a big success (even though she had ordered a blue cake and got a green one instead - blue food coloring's hard to find in Sweden, I've noticed).

- Markus the Cat is a smooth, conniving little sociopath! We feed our two cats separately, due to Busy getting crystals and needing a special diet. Markus is overweight, so he gets a small amount of diet food twice a day. Busy's a snacker with an overactive metabolism, so we've taken to feeding him several times a day. Sometimes Markus happens to be in the room when this happens, even though he's not supposed to be. Like today. He was aware, of course, that he wasn't allowed to eat out of Busy's bowl, and keenly aware that we were right there, watching him. So he sat himself down next to Busy, staring at him snacking away for a while. Then he very, very gently and politely stretched out a paw, and fished out a piece of food onto the carpet, where he devoured it. While we gaped, he repeated the process.
He got into trouble, alright, but it's hard to be mad at someone that cheeky.

- Oh! Easter baskets! I got a huge Easter basket with candy from my hubby! He also included sugar snap peas and chips with guacamole dip! I got him one, too, with smoked oysters and cream cheese and Trisquits and candy and a chocolate bunny with a little storybook where you can read the tale of the bunny you just bit the head off. <3

- And I made stuffed game hens! (Take a look at Elsa's blog, btw - it's mainly in Swedish, but she and her blog is gorgeous. Someone even started a tumblr for her!)
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( Apr. 21st, 2011 12:16 am)
I've had an awesome day! My new boots are amazing - comfy and gorgeous and perfect - and we got some money, so we went out to eat and went to town and Bath & Body Works had this buy-3-get-3-free deal, so I splurged and came home with two fragrance mists ("Carried Away" and "Country Chic"), two shea cashmere hand creams (same), one shower gel ("Country Chic") and one body lotion ("Dancing Waters")! Oh, and I bought a most pleasant issue of Wolverine.<3 Also: blackberry lemonade.

Tired. Nap now.
  • I just ordered these! My left foot has been swimming in rain water for too long. To add insult to injury, the shoe stores have decided that real ladies don't need boots at this time of year while the weather says that yes, you really do. So, online I went. I never ordered shoes online before. I'm a little nervous, but hey, free return shipping!
  • I'm also on AO3 now! Maybe there will actually be more than one story there at some point, who knows? Seriously, my output is pathetic. I need to stop wallowing in my own inadequacy and start producing.
  • My cat Busy has started stinking these past couple days. It started as a cloying, musky-sweet smell and turned fishy-cheesy after that. I suspect there's something wrong with his anal glands, so off to the vet he goes as soon as the next check rolls in and here's hoping it won't ruin us again. Sigh.
  • I've gained weight and had to get new pants.:(
  • I sniffed B&BW's new perfume Country Chic and now I want it. I want it bad. Although I wonder how they managed to cram "bright spring woods" in there.
  • I just got Carla Speed McNeil's Finder graphic novel "Voice". It's a strange, dark, but absolutely fascinating coming-of-age tale and you all need to get it and read it. That is, if you're not allergic to being confused now and then, because the Finder world is so rich and detailed, Carla's in the habit of adding footnotes for every page at the end of every volume. But the pay-off is so worth it. Nothing in Finder feels predictable or cliched. It's a bizarre world that also makes a frightening amount of sense, and at its core is a bunch of well-rendered, believable characters. Read it, please. Support good work! She has an uncompleted sequel to Voice up on her site, un-inked, but very readable.
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( Apr. 12th, 2011 02:58 pm)
I baked cookies! They are delicious.

Here's how my cooking experiments turned out:

Shredded carrots lightly fried up with ginger, sweet chili sauce and some cream and served with chorizo: good. There was something a little lacking, though. Maybe I should have used fresh ginger instead of dry. Maybe I should have added something more. I will work on it.

Shrimp salad with turnips: meh. Not because shrimp and turnips isn't a smashing combination, because it is. But with "salad", I mean the kind that has a mayonnaise-and-sour cream base, and it tasted bland despite the addition of tabasco and sriracha, up until I finally got the kick I needed by adding lemon juice. Problem was that I couldn't taste the turnips after that. So maybe I should just shred turnips over a regular salad with shrimp on it? There must be a way!

Fennel- and pear salad: good! Just a little bit dry, because I just added the fennel and pear to spinach.  I love the fennel-pear combination, though. It's light and fresh. I just need to think of some kind of dressing that won't overpower it.

Ground beef fried up with peanuts, peas and sourcream (with sweet chili sauce and sriracha added for kick) : heck yes! Too bad it's not my idea, though - My dad used to make it.

Tilapia baked with tomatoes, onions, tarragon and cream: good, but I think my hubby wanted a little more flavor to it. I come from the land of bland food, I'm afraid.

Potatoes and onions fried up with dijon mustard and served with roast beef: YES! Sometimes it doesn't need to be more complicated than that.


I'm trying to start another fic, but don't know what to write about. I do know that I want it to be a continuation of The Quiet House, exploring where their relationship goes after that, but I can't have it be just about their relationship or I will bore myself writing it (I'm not sure why, but there's quite a gap between what I like to read and what I like to write). There needs to be a plot, I'm afraid. And I'm kind of no good at plot.

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( Apr. 6th, 2011 11:17 pm)
So, after finishing the fic, I kind of...dropped. I didn't want to write anything at all, really, so I just curled up in my shell with a bunch of chocolate and games. I've had worse weeks.

Hubby will be too occupied to cook the coming week, so it will be up to me! Meaning, lots of vegetables. I have so much I want to try! I fried up some carrots with ginger, sweet chili sauce and some cream the other day and had it with Polish sausage. Yesterday I discovered that turnips go well with shrimp. I want to make a fennel salad with pears and...something! Green beans with something lemony! Bake tilapia with tomatoes and onions and cream! Make these mashed potatoes! I want everything to be magnificent!

Also: I got a 25 cent raise and a very good work review! The standard raise is apparently 20 cents. I called hubby and he greeted me with flowers after work, as well as two napoleon pastries and strawberries covered in chocolate.<33



Message not to self:

I have today off, y'all. It will be spent right here, in a haze of caffeine-induced creativity. 

Also, I bought a watch at work yesterday for $4. A co-worker deemed it "badass". It is.
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( Mar. 28th, 2011 11:23 am)
New rule in this house: DO NOT DISCUSS MONEY ISSUES RIGHT BEFORE BEDTIME. I couldn't get to sleep until 6AM and then I woke up again after 4 hours. But that is why they invented coffee.

Been working on fic. Yeah. This playlist with relaxing music has kept me from going mental. I recommend it to anyone who feels like they're going to pieces. Incredible visuals, too.

Sweetest game premise ever? Tiger and Monster had a fight and you must bring them back together by removing the blocks in the correct order.<33

And, finally:

Fluffy love. )

Woke up around 6:30AM from EXCRUCIATING PAIN. I cried (tears and all) and screamed (literally) for hubby, who was up, and he came and saved me with his presence and a hot water bottle. Yes, it is Menstruation Time in Roily Land and the roller coasters are now operating 24/7. You might want to bring a Kleenex or two.

I took a nap, and within five seconds, Markus was there, digging at the blankets, narrowly missing my face with his claws, and he didn't stop until he was safely nestled under the covers, pressed up against me and purring like the little cuddle machine he is. When I had to switch position, he pressed up against my back instead. With a little sigh. I shouldn't love a creature that annoying so much, but he's irresistible.

Aren't you, sweetie? Yes, you are.

Yeah. That's all I've got. Now: pain killers.

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( Mar. 17th, 2011 09:35 pm)
Today I frown upon Hallmark.com, where you can no longer buy individual e-cards for 99 cents. Instead, you HAVE to buy a subscription for $12 or stick with the few, crappy freebies. "Only $1 a month!" they hoot. Great if you actually tend to send more than 12 e-cards per year. A COMPLETE RIPOFF if you don't. *waves fist* I wanted to send my dad a Hoops & Yoyo card.:(

Had a bit of a nervous breakdown the other day, inspired by a leak in the garage ("leak" might not be the word, actually - water is welling up from this...thing sticking out of the floor, whenever it rains heavily), complete with wailing and crying and clinging to hubby while saying melodramatic things. A little odd, but then the thunder broke out and it all became clear. I am so in touch with nature that I always get cranky during thunderstorms. Special, huh?
Maybe that's why I don't find this soothing at all.

Anyway, the fic. It's...*sigh*...almost done. The question is how long it's going to keep being "almost done". I keep finding faults with it. The prose is just MORPHING before my eyes, reading as awkward one moment and flowing the next. I change one detail and then realize that just rendered another scene, or piece of dialogue, implausible. I'm not sure when to describe and when to just hint. This is why I so rarely write or draw or do anything creative, OK? I never get to the point when I can say "It's done" and just put it out there. Even after my hubby's beta round, I keep finding errors or things that seem like errors and they all sting. God.
The devil's in the details, I guess. Maybe I should just put it out there and edit it afterwards, if needed. Maybe? That's the perk of the Internet, after all.
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( Feb. 27th, 2011 02:53 pm)
The check came! The big one! So yesterday, we went out to eat and splurge a little. My Valentine's Day present was my very first M.A.C lipstick - "Capricious". I'd post links to swatches of it, but I have now learned that they are absolutely unreliable, so I won't. I also came home with books! I found Ghost Towns of the American West and "Ghost Towns of the West" (link to come once I have the time and energy to look for it) for cheap. We took the bus home with my boxed leftovers leaking out of the bag and dripped our way home in the cold. Then we spent the rest of the night reading, eating fancy chocolates and drinking water out of heart-shaped straws while the cats were tearing stuff up around us.<3

Am happy.

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( Feb. 24th, 2011 03:44 pm)
Around 4:30AM, hubby and I looked outside and everything was white! He was practically jumping up and down in excitement, so we decided to take a walk to the store to buy tuna. It was magical - everything was quiet. The sky glowed. Tons of big, soft, fluffy flakes drifted down gently and settled in his beard and my hair and it wasn't very cold at all. It was perfect.

And today we got a check. Not the big one we'd been waiting for, but a smaller one that will come in handy while we wait.
I'm cranky. Partly because I just got my period, but also because a check that was supposed to arrive last week still hasn't ("processing error", they just let us know, after a week, when we finally asked. It was sent yesterday, apparently), we're running out of food and have two dollars in the bank account. Also, no snow. Even though the forecast promised! :( I was hoping the snow would cheer my hubby up, but there's been nothing. Sigh. We got some snow! It's gone, but for a half hour or so, there was snow!

As soon as that check comes, we're finally going to celebrate Valentine's Day.
Started the day with an upset stomach and a computer virus. Have dealt with both. Dad called and woke me up too early because I had emailed him the previous night and asked him for the recipe for his falukorv-apple-curry casserole and he was, naturally, thrilled. The temperature over there was -27C last morning. While we talked, my little brother made popcorn in the background and I made a joke to Dad about him exploding the kitchen and that's when their fire alarm went off. (Apparently, though, nothing was actually on fire.)
He's turning 21 in two weeks, which is madness. When my hubby first met him, he was 11 and he and his friends were running around the house playing James Bond, chanting "I haf license to kill" over and over again. It CAN'T have been ten years ago.

When hubby came home last night, I treated him to waffles the Swedish way (Dad thinks it's both borderline offensive and hilarious that you just pop them ready-made in the toaster over here) - with whipped cream and jam.

I want to bake key lime/white chocolate cupcakes. I also want to make semlor. And smörgåstårta.

I also want to go watch more West Wing, which I am about to do now.



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