Yesterday, at work, I was sitting in the breakroom, enjoying my well-deserved chocolate next to a new recruit who was forced to sit through all our instruction videos, when we heard the bathroom door open and the rather large lady who had been in there since I went to buy the chocolate, slowly made her way back, leaning on her cart. She stopped outside the breakroom, staring at the new guy, (I was blocked from view by the angle.)

"Are you an employee?" she said. (I thought "crap, there must be a mess in the bathroom")

"Uhm...not yet, but I will-"

"The Titanic is on the KATU in five minutes!"


"You tell everyone!"


And that's how he got introduced to working retail.

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That's a pretty innocuous introduction, as things go, though. ^_^;; Easing him into it.... Heh. It's tough being in retail, as I well know. ^.^ Heck, just yesterday I was at Trader Joe's - which you probably know is more upscale than, say, Winco - and my purse knocked a bag of fruit gummies on the floor, so I took a moment to find the spot it had been on one of those hanging displays and clipped it into place. And the employee who was stocking nearby said, "Thank you. Most people don't bother to put it back." And that was just sad. ^.^;; At a Trader Joe's!

I won't even regale you with some of my stories from when I worked at Safeway and Rite Aid. I'm sure you have your own, even more facepalm-worthy. Not that this is a good thing. ^.^

All that said, hope you're doing well! *hugs* I think of you from time to time, wondering how you're faring. ^_^ Tay suggested I invite you down here to watch "Inception" on our big tee vee, but I said I wasn't sure you could come that far (gas-wise) and I wasn't even sure you were still excited by the movie. ^_^;; Still, if that sounds like a good time, if it sounds do-able, consider it an open invitation! *hearts*

Happy to see you posting! I'm still over at my journal, being my boring self... either posting only pics or posting too much about the writing I'm not doing. *cough* Hope you don't think I'm being weird and overly-friendly even though we don't know each other super-well. I only have a few friends and so I value the ones I do have. *hugs* Take care of yourself!
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From: [personal profile] kyrenekyorl

Two things my 15 or so years in customer service - and especially retail - have given me. The ability to deal with people when I have the tendency to be a shy introvert, and a lot of interesting stories. Not necessarily good stories. But interesting. ^.^;;

Yeah, I wasn't sure whether you guys had a car or not, but I kind of thought I remembered/picked up that you didn't. I sort of feel your pain - Tay has a car, and my name is even on the title - but I don't drive. I've got my permit still, even though I'm 40 now, but I hate and fear driving. So I always have to ask for a ride if I want to go anywhere, or else walk. *thuds*

I feel you on the old fandoms thing.... You couldn't get me to touch "ElfQuest" (though I'll keep my books forever) or Mercedes Lackey (I'll keep... her older books). In the case of "Supernatural", I avoid it because it SUCKS now, and the first two seasons were the only good ones. I'm not interested in anime any longer, but I do still enjoy playing RPGs, even if I don't write or read fic for them anymore. So, actually, it's kind of a mixed bag.

Hurrah for following your life's dream!!! *hugs you* Me, I'm perfectly happy to be working at a job I (mostly) like and writing fic in my free time. But for people who have more goals than that - which is mostly everyone I know - I think it's GREAT when they can see those dreams begin to be realized. Tay's getting some of her books published - it's only as eBooks, but it's a real publishing company and that's a start! And that's awesome, even though it's not anything I'd want for myself. ^_^ So more power to you, and I really hope things work out!! *waves pom poms*

I think I'll be here on DW forever unless something happens to (hopefully not!). And if it did, I'd probably go back to Insane Journal. ^_^ So you'll always know where to find me. I started posting daily pretty much by accident, at the very end of 2008, and I've continued for close to three and a half years now, never missing a single day. That's both impressive and a little ridiculous, but whatever works, yeah? And sometimes I just post a photo, if I'm sad or cranky or just don't have much to say. Actually, that happens more often than it should. ^.^

/talking about myself

I'm always happy to hear from my friends, be it in a post or in comments, but I also realize they have lives outside the internet (unlike me; I have a wonderful life, don't get me wrong, but I'm never far from my laptop for very long), so I don't mind long stretches of radio silence. It's just nice when you come "back", and then I make like a slobbery dog, even though I'm a cat person and actually quite restrained in RL. *sheepish laugh*

Take care and good luck with your art!!! *many hugs*

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