So, apparently Black Cat Awareness Day came and went with me completely unaware. That won't do, because I have a gorgeous, wonderful black cat full of quirks and earnest charm and I feel the need to brag. In other words, it's time for a picspam.

I've posted this before, but here's how Busy looked when we first got him, three (four?) years ago. 

He had a bad cold, but the first thing he did when let out of his carrier was come up to me and climb up on my back. The shelter had named him Crow. I quickly changed that after seeing the amount of energy he had - even while sick! This skinny little bundle tore apart three cat wands - one in less than two minutes!

 He's settled down some since then, but not that much. He's still very energetic, playful and hilariously high strung, but also very respectful (if that word can be used about a cat). He knows not to use claws on our bare skin, he makes requests with little whines and soft paws. He loves cuddles, but doesn't ask for any when Markus is around, because Markus is the higher one in rank. He still always kicks Markus' butt in a fight, though.
He loves blanket tunnels and chasing after cat wands. He can bat a ball in mid-air with perfect precision, but doesn't know what to do with it once it stops. He never eats full meals - only many small ones throughout the day. He's always a dream at the vet and has the most wonderful medium-length silky fur, shiny and soft. He likes to groom us - reaching for my hair with soft paws and lick it until it's all clean or polish my husband's scalp to perfection while purring so loud any stress just melts out of you. He's our little bundle of joy and here he is, in a picspam of his very own:


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