I admire Robyn. Tremendously so. I want to be brief here, because I have to get going, but it's so nice to hear that she's still going strong. I remember when she debuted in Sweden back when we both were teenagers. I was never an actual fan of hers, but she was a Presence, with her songs and her personality, and I can't say I didn't admire her even when I rolled my eyes at yet another hit of hers.

But now I've seen her video for "Call Your Girlfriend" and I remember what I've always liked about her. She feels honest. She feels real. She's flashy, but she doesn't rely on sex to sell anything. She's strong and herself and adorable.

Then I saw this, and while I still prefer the original, I really think she pulls this off:

She also collaborated with Snoop Dogg, and managed to make it work. She totally holds her own. Foul language warning ahead:

And just to contrast:

I love her. Bless you, Robyn. Please keep doing everything you're doing, atrocious outfits and all.<3 There needs to be more like you out there.

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