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([personal profile] roily_rogue Aug. 20th, 2010 03:29 pm)
We got some money in!! So we went out and celebrated our birthdays by eating out at Mother's! And the next day I went shopping!! Eeeee! I bought a leatherette jacket! And a hat! And two crazy cheap t-shirts (which I showed to my hubby by opening my jacket and going "I got two of these!") . And then I ordered a couch cover, because our couch is horrible and the old cover is all torn apart by cats. And we're going to get a TV stand! And I got hanging plants, these beautiful Wandering Jews and one of them is all purple and silvery and supposedly they're really hardy, so they might actually survive! My home! It's starting to look like a home!

My yard, however, is not looking much like a yard. I'm completely in the dark when it comes to gardening, it seems. I bought fertilizer, but I can't fertilize the roses at this time of year and expect flowers before next spring. And the rhododendron...apparently watering it is not a remedy against sunburn. I'm bummed. And it needs to be pruned, but you're apparently supposed to do that in the winter. Is there anything I can do now to make it look better? Apparently not. SIGH.

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