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( Jul. 17th, 2011 12:00 pm)
The other night, I broke down crying at work from stress (and lack of sleep). Embarrassing.
Yesterday, I made a fool of myself cashiering and some customers rolled their eyes at me. Then I found a curtain, neatly folded like a flag.

But, before that, we went to IKEA and bought two shelves, which I will put pretty things on. And I got Dark Shadows in the mail, which may be my favorite Blade of the Immortal volume for the Anotsu/Magatsu conversation. Emotionally repressed boys saying goodbye!<3

PS: Did you guys know I spilled blueberry drink (from IKEA!) on the carpet yesterday? Did you know I actually GOT the stain OUT? Kneel, please.

roily_rogue: (Hug!)
( Jul. 2nd, 2011 03:38 am)
I fell off the earth planning on doing several long posts with lots of words and pictures and then not getting around to it. Not much to say at this moment, since it's way early in the morning and I haven't gone to bed yet, plus, I think I might be coming down with a cold. But we had a splendid 6th anniversary, where we rented a car (after YEARS of no car, what a feeling to cruise down the highway!), drove three hours to look at fish and then eat at a restaurant with ocean view. And drive some more. Oh, it was amazing.

I'm also getting back into Blade of the Immortal, and re-acquainted with Magatsu, my favorite character. Quite the manchild, but such a joy to read, dynamic, complex, sympathetic and entertaining, and he's growing up, too! *sniffles*  Also: the ART.


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