I dreamed that I came home and my parents were there, whom I hadn't seen in ages, but they were just depressed because of something that had happened and growing old, too, so no happy reunion. My plants started dying and I lashed out at people, including my hubby, in public, because I was so miserable and no one could comfort me enough. I would plead to ticked-off strangers to please not dislike me, because I wasn't this big of a jerk really, I was just miserable and what were they looking at anyway and piss off, please. I would also get jealous of my hubby talking to an old workmate of mine, because I needed his undivided attention and I suspected he liked her more than me (upon awakening, I can't say I could have blamed him).

There was also something about me accidentally coming first to a very small Tina Turner concert held in a studio apartment on the top floor of whatever building and so I got to pick two candies, which turned out to also mean picking drinks for the evening. And I wished I hadn't picked the root beer one, because man, do I hate root beer. I never did see Tina Turner.

I was also in a library and helping this little old lady find an audio book (Batman & Robin, for some reason), but they were remodelling the place, so I had to look for ages and when I finally found the thing in the attic, the little old lady was gone.

I woke up depressed. It's time for coffee.



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