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( Mar. 17th, 2011 09:35 pm)
Today I frown upon, where you can no longer buy individual e-cards for 99 cents. Instead, you HAVE to buy a subscription for $12 or stick with the few, crappy freebies. "Only $1 a month!" they hoot. Great if you actually tend to send more than 12 e-cards per year. A COMPLETE RIPOFF if you don't. *waves fist* I wanted to send my dad a Hoops & Yoyo card.:(

Had a bit of a nervous breakdown the other day, inspired by a leak in the garage ("leak" might not be the word, actually - water is welling up from this...thing sticking out of the floor, whenever it rains heavily), complete with wailing and crying and clinging to hubby while saying melodramatic things. A little odd, but then the thunder broke out and it all became clear. I am so in touch with nature that I always get cranky during thunderstorms. Special, huh?
Maybe that's why I don't find this soothing at all.

Anyway, the fic. It's...*sigh*...almost done. The question is how long it's going to keep being "almost done". I keep finding faults with it. The prose is just MORPHING before my eyes, reading as awkward one moment and flowing the next. I change one detail and then realize that just rendered another scene, or piece of dialogue, implausible. I'm not sure when to describe and when to just hint. This is why I so rarely write or draw or do anything creative, OK? I never get to the point when I can say "It's done" and just put it out there. Even after my hubby's beta round, I keep finding errors or things that seem like errors and they all sting. God.
The devil's in the details, I guess. Maybe I should just put it out there and edit it afterwards, if needed. Maybe? That's the perk of the Internet, after all.
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( Mar. 14th, 2011 07:54 pm)
I've been following the BBC live updates of the Japan situation and I just can't process the disaster down there. The magnitude of it. I'm watching reporters walk around in the rubble and I wince when they come off as more enthralled than grave. And I wonder, is it a defense mechanism to not simply burst into tears and rock back and forth wailing in sympathy? Or do we just not understand because we can't understand unless it's happened to us?

I think I'll just stick to moisturizer, though.

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( Mar. 1st, 2011 01:53 am)

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( Feb. 22nd, 2011 04:03 am)
Today at work, a lady walked up to me, leaned on her cart and said "Can I ask you something?"
I, naturally, said yes, and she went:
"My idea. Of customer service. Is that if the customer wants something... you give it to them."
She went on to explain that she had intended to buy a piece of furniture in our store. "I do not want to assemble it myself," she said firmly. She had talked to the furniture manager, who had kind of shrugged and said that maybe, if some of the guys had time (though at the moment we were speaking, the only floor workers left in the store was me and another girl, tasked with cleaning up the entire store, so I don't know if she just came in earlier in the day or if he meant that she should come back the next day...? She didn't specify), they could maybe put it together, but it wasn't likely and it wasn't policy.
She fixed her eyes on me. "What do you think?" she said. "Do you think that's good customer service?"
I hummed and hawed, of course, said I was really not in a position to comment and so on, as politely as possible. She rolled her eyes. "OK. Fine. Whatever. You know, that's the problem. No one has an opinion." She waved at me dismissively. "And you're young." Then she left. I didn't tell her I'm thirty. 

To the cashier, she launched a tirade about how she was raised in a high-moral family and been taught that the customer should get what he wants and if SHE ran a business, she would be putting together furniture all day long.

The piece of furniture in question was a $79 dresser that she apparently wanted just for her jeans.

In less irritating news, I found an online interactive documentary about Pine Point - a small Canadian mining town that was erased completely from the map after the mine closed. One of the ex-residents - a man who used to be extremely athletic, but now sits in a wheelchair because of MS - has built a memorial website about it, using only voice commands to his computer.
I was so taken by the idea of the place you grew up in just not being there anymore. The whole thing is just really engrossing and fascinating and well-done. Check it out!

Oh yeah, I also locked Busy in the closet today before I left for work. Thankfully, the hubby noticed his little scritchings and scratchings and saved him.

Started the day with an upset stomach and a computer virus. Have dealt with both. Dad called and woke me up too early because I had emailed him the previous night and asked him for the recipe for his falukorv-apple-curry casserole and he was, naturally, thrilled. The temperature over there was -27C last morning. While we talked, my little brother made popcorn in the background and I made a joke to Dad about him exploding the kitchen and that's when their fire alarm went off. (Apparently, though, nothing was actually on fire.)
He's turning 21 in two weeks, which is madness. When my hubby first met him, he was 11 and he and his friends were running around the house playing James Bond, chanting "I haf license to kill" over and over again. It CAN'T have been ten years ago.

When hubby came home last night, I treated him to waffles the Swedish way (Dad thinks it's both borderline offensive and hilarious that you just pop them ready-made in the toaster over here) - with whipped cream and jam.

I want to bake key lime/white chocolate cupcakes. I also want to make semlor. And smörgåstårta.

I also want to go watch more West Wing, which I am about to do now.

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( Feb. 14th, 2011 03:20 pm)

Russian Bento - I lack words.

Nora the Piano Cat - she's so adorably enthusiastic!

I watched Iron Man with hubby the other day. The best parts were all the times he (hubby) got this big grin on his face, pumped his fist and went "awww YEAHH", his eyes shining like a twelve-year old's.<3

Some Iron Man spoilers )
I need to go to work.
Went to IKEA with The Hub yesterday. Please don't think that the meatballs w/ sauce they serve there is the be-all end-all of the Swedish meatball experience. When it comes to meatballs, "restaurant quality" is not a GOOD thing. Homemade is where it's at. Especially my dad's version. *swoons*. Lingonberry jam is a MUST, though. Oh, and the princess cake? Even dreamier than I had remembered. Princess caaake. I don't know why the link says that there's ice cream in it, though - it's whipped cream. And it's not fondant, but marzipan. In some princess cakes, there's also a layer of custard. I almost miss Sweden right now. Here's more info on princess cake.

We bought a $4 bedside lamp and stocked up on stuff in the food shop, where they DIDN'T GIVE OUT BAGS. The. What?? The lady was nice enough to give me a stocking piece of cardboard to carry the stuff in and we DID have a backpack, luckily, but geez.
But anyway, we got delicato balls, mazarins, chocolate, more chocolate, chocolate-coated wafers (kexchoklad!) and fläderdryck in tetrapaks.

We unfortunately could NOT get Kalles Kaviar, gooseberry jam, cloudberry jam, lingonberry jam
or frozen princess cakes. Next time.

The experience could have been bettered if we both hadn't felt under the weather. I don't know what's up with me - I've felt like I'm coming down with a cold repeatedly these past few weeks and it's always been false alarm. It was false alarm yesterday, too, but then my stomach grew roily on top of it and-  nevermind. Anyway, I'm better! For now.

Did I have anything important to say? No. No, I guess I didn't.

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( Jan. 24th, 2011 04:01 pm)
I must immediately cease looking through the blog of Color me Katie and her adorable cat and start editing!
Oh god.





Good for you too?

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( Sep. 5th, 2010 12:52 am)
I actually managed to follow the plot without getting a migraine! I'm so proud of myself.

What I thought. )

Abandoned hydrotherapy tubs. I would so want to be an urban explorer, if it didn't involve sneaking around in the cold and wet and dark and asbestos at odd hours. Plus, you know, risking life and limb and potential arrest.

My favorite abandoned building, or at least one of the top ones, must be the Bennett School for Girls. I mean, just LOOK at it.

LOL. One of the pages has an ad for mold removal on it.

Speaking of - I need to do more yard work. There's a big fluffy red cat visiting our yard. He's very friendly, has been coming around for a week or so. I don't know if he belongs to anyone. I and two of our neighbors tend to feed and water him. He has fleas, so I need to avoid him, and we can't afford to take him in and the neighbor wants to take him to the Humane Society, where he'll probably get killed off, because adult cats rarely get adopted. I should put out signs. Yeah, that's what I should do.


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