roily_rogue: (Icon of Disapproval)
( Jun. 8th, 2011 03:27 pm)
I followed hubby to have some blood drawn today (he's fine, btw) and as we arrived, two men came out of the doctor's office, one of them old and frail and leaning on a cane, and the younger one turned to him and exclaimed cheerfully: "Well! That sure didn't go the way you wanted it, did it?"
Other than that, not much news! Oh wait, hubby witnessed a robbery at a nearby 7/11. He hid behind The General Lee.

I'm still writing that Lynne post. It's turning out mighty long and it's, like, the third version or so. There will be pictures! Character manifestos can be difficult, especially when the character is peripheral, like Lynne is. There is so MUCH and so little at the same time.



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