roily_rogue: (Tom is swell.)
( Apr. 24th, 2011 11:38 pm)
- I made key lime & white chocolate cupcakes! They taste as splendidly as you might suspect.

- I randomly found a blog post with an adorable little girl. It was her birthday party and it was all a big success (even though she had ordered a blue cake and got a green one instead - blue food coloring's hard to find in Sweden, I've noticed).

- Markus the Cat is a smooth, conniving little sociopath! We feed our two cats separately, due to Busy getting crystals and needing a special diet. Markus is overweight, so he gets a small amount of diet food twice a day. Busy's a snacker with an overactive metabolism, so we've taken to feeding him several times a day. Sometimes Markus happens to be in the room when this happens, even though he's not supposed to be. Like today. He was aware, of course, that he wasn't allowed to eat out of Busy's bowl, and keenly aware that we were right there, watching him. So he sat himself down next to Busy, staring at him snacking away for a while. Then he very, very gently and politely stretched out a paw, and fished out a piece of food onto the carpet, where he devoured it. While we gaped, he repeated the process.
He got into trouble, alright, but it's hard to be mad at someone that cheeky.

- Oh! Easter baskets! I got a huge Easter basket with candy from my hubby! He also included sugar snap peas and chips with guacamole dip! I got him one, too, with smoked oysters and cream cheese and Trisquits and candy and a chocolate bunny with a little storybook where you can read the tale of the bunny you just bit the head off. <3

- And I made stuffed game hens! (Take a look at Elsa's blog, btw - it's mainly in Swedish, but she and her blog is gorgeous. Someone even started a tumblr for her!)

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