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([personal profile] roily_rogue Jan. 1st, 2011 02:18 pm)
New Year's was quiet, uneventful and good. We had been planning on going to a party, but various factors made us stay at home. No resolutions or anything, just a toast. Oh, and I made an omelette.

I have sleeping problems, bursitis in my hip and period pains. I'm working on a fandom rant, but it seems I've been bitten by the editing bug. I don't know when and if it will ever actually get properly posted.

And that's how I start off 2011. Whee.
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From: [personal profile] mumblemutter

Oh no! :-( *hugs you gently* I hope all the various pains will go away, and that you can sleep tonight. -A.
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From: [personal profile] kyrenekyorl

A quiet New Year's is awesome, imo! But then, I'm more and more an old fogey every year. ^.^

So sorry to hear about your health issues - hope they get better soon! *hugs* At least the period pain should hopefully be largely temporary....

Gad, not a day after you posted your rant (or maybe just this mention of your rant), someone posts a fic that pretty much hit every single WRONG cliche you pointed out - characterized Arthur as exactly the opposite of the way he is in canon. I was appalled. T.T

I edit the heck out of everything - fic, posts, comments, emails - so I can certainly sympathize. Good luck with getting back to fic, though! <3

It's not a bad start to 2011.... But it leaves a little room for improvement, yeah? And I'm rooting for you!!! ^_^
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From: [personal profile] kyrenekyorl

At least I didn't have to work early the next day, like I had in the past. Trying to sleep at nine, when people are setting off fireworks from then until midnight, was NOT fun. ^.^;;

I liked the way you parsed your rant down to the basics. ^_^ I didn't read any of the comments, because I tend to avoid things like that, but I definitely agree with everything that you said.

I'm plowing away at fic.... And I know you've read the stepbrother fic by now - so glad that you enjoyed it! <3
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From: [personal profile] kyrenekyorl

Haha, I know the feeling. ^.^;; I'm pretty sure some of my replies to you have been a bit late.

I think that by and large the "Inception" fandom is a lot more intelligent and polite than some (probably most) other fandoms. I'm not a huge dabbler in fandoms - I tend to avoid other people and I'm not very sociable - but that's the sense I get from the comm that I'm on (the [eames_arthur] one), and from fics and posts that I've read. It's quite a relief, really!

And I think I figured it out - the reason I didn't read the comments on your post wasn't just to avoid potential conflict, it was also because I don't want anyone else's opinion coloring how I see the characters. I'm really grateful to you for pointing out how incredibly zen and easy-going Arthur is, because I actually hadn't noticed that consciously, but otherwise, I want to form my own ideas of how to interpret them in my fiction. ^_^ So, while I'm intrigued by how other people think, in this case I kind of want to avoid that. ^.^

My "Bluebells" follow-up is coming slowly, but I'm writing at least 900 words a day on it, sometimes more, so eventually it'll be done.... I just wish I had a better idea of where it was going! ^o^ But thank you for the continued interest! <3 I write because I love to, but I share so that others can enjoy my stories too, so it's really awesome when I hear that they do! ^_^


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