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([personal profile] roily_rogue Jan. 14th, 2011 05:18 pm)
HOW is this behemoth that I've been writing for ages now only 3581 words?? I mean, seriously. OK, I've got more left on it and I've cut it down plenty, but...WHAT.
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That's a pretty respectable word count, though! Quietly shoves her own 16,000 word fic under the sofa.

Seriously, though, if its quality, then the count doesn't... um... count. ^_^;; It's so strange how sometimes you reach a thousand without half trying, and sometimes even hitting a hundred is like pulling teeth. =.=;; This past week, it's mostly been the tooth pulling for me. Here's hoping the weekend treats us both better!! <3

And I'm still looking forward to reading what you're writing! ^o^

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From: [personal profile] kyrenekyorl

I am painfully overly verbose, as you've probably noticed. ^.^;; Also, making sure to get in that thousand words a day helps.... But, mainly, I started this current part of "Bluebells" back in November, so it's not as though I had started it recently. Guh. Just wish I could FINISH. ^o^

Gin has the same trouble - she sits there on our sofa, pounding the keys and swearing up a storm. Heh. For me, writing usually flows pretty easily, but NOT ALWAYS. And lately, I've been draaaaggggggging my way through working on "Bluebells"........ *sigh* I'm enjoying it, I am, but mainly I just wanna be done and moving on to my next project!

If you miss your deadline, it's totally okay, because you're working. So I decree! ^_^ Though I am looking forward to reading what you write, whenever it's ready to be read! <3

ETA: Actually, let me specify - when I'm writing, it generally flows pretty well. But there have been huge chunks of time when I could NOT write at all. This whole "writing regularly" thing only really started last January. Before that, I was very sporadic when and how much I wrote. ^.^;;;;
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