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([personal profile] roily_rogue Jan. 30th, 2011 05:16 pm)
I don't have anything fun to say or add, so here is a pic spam of my cats instead, because I love them so very much:

It is not possible to sit down anywhere in the house without Markus ending up in your lap.

...and if there is no lap available, your back or any other body part will do just fine. He's not picky.

Busy will happily groom anyone who pets him (he's especially fond of hair and can spend a good five minutes licking my hubby's scalp. My hair, he has to catch strands of between his paws before he can lick, which is adorable). Markus will only lick himself and Busy, humans are dirty and do not deserve his tongue.

Busy has this weird strip between his ears and eyes where the fur is thinner and you can see his skin. Markus has it too, but less pronounced.

You know someone loves you when they are willing to help you lick your belly.<3

Ugly chair alert! And crotch licking alert, I guess. I just liked the shape of Busy's tail trailing down the back.

Had I done this right, this series could have been pretty artful, but I didn't position myself properly, so that kind of ruins the composition. Still - my little wall flower in front of my little wall flowers!

Busy in the cat room, being fascinated:

And now: work! Gah!

kyrenekyorl: (Gen: pepper too cute 4 u!)

From: [personal profile] kyrenekyorl

So. Much. Cute!!! <3 Nice to see that your cats get along - ours tolerate each other at best. =.=;; Both of yours are just lovely, in different ways. Their faces!! Kitties!! =^o^=

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