I bought a hula hoop. At work, at first - one of the toy ones, for kids. I thought "Hey, $3 exercise equipment!", came home and discovered that a kid's hoop is useless for adult exercise. But, hooked on the idea, I got myself a grown-up, weighted one for $17 and hey, I can actually use this one! Here's to losing weight!

Today, at work, a lady asked me if we had lens cloths. I told her that last time we did, they were down in Electronics. She shook her head.
"NO," she spat. "They're for cleaning GLASSES".
"I know," I said, "but they're also for camera lenses and stuff. I bought some, myself!"
"No. Forget it. That's a stupid place to put them."
"Uhm. OK?"

To be perfectly fair, she was using a walker and might have felt miffed she had to walk all the way down to the end of the store? Still.
Btw, the lens cloths in question look like condoms in their square little wrappers. I always love pulling one out in public.

Other than that, I have been cranky. I dunno.
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I really need to get more exercise. Yeah, I walk 7-10 and a half miles a week and my job is sort of strenuous, but I gotta do more.... And after May 22nd, I'll only be walking in to work twice a week, which will only be the seven miles. ^.^;; We have a hula hoop level on the WiiFit, and it's really difficult. If the real thing is that hard, you're probably in for a good workout! ^o^

Gad, people will be such babies! My favorite was a lady who argued up and down about her fines and then stormed out, saying to her son or husband (I wasn't really looking - it just happened near me), "We're leaving and never coming back and they're not getting our money!" The irony? We send you to collections if your fine over a certain amount goes unpaid too long. ^.^;; So, since I doubt she was fighting about an amount under $35 (though it's possible), she hadn't heard the last of us. *evil chuckle*

Oh, wait, was that bad of me? Well, I can't help it - people can be so unreasonable and rude, when it's completely unnecessary! *frowny face*

Tay was super-cranky on... Thursday? Yeah. Fortunately, some wank exploded in her fandom, when Bill Kaulitz (the one who looks like a girl) showed up with facial hair, and that amused her until she felt better. Maybe it's something in the air? Or the weather? Either way, I hope you feel better soon!!!! *hughughug*
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From: [personal profile] kyrenekyorl

Exercise that is fun is awesome! Because then you're way more likely to do it! And, yes, I'd say being sore means it's working - keep at it!! ^o^

I swear, every job I've ever worked, I always said, "this job would be great if it wasn't for the customers." *laughs* Although, even when you work a job where you don't deal directly with the customers, I suppose that often co-workers can be as much of a pain if you get the wrong ones. ^.^;;

I actually just posted a pic of Bill with facial hair! It's really wispy - I don't know why everyone was freaking out. *eyeroll* I think it's cute! But, of course, it's easier for me because it's not my fandom. ^_~

We're coming up on some sunny days, yeah? It's going to be miserable for me, but everyone else should be happy. *doesn't deal well with heat* I hope that it's nice where you are (a bit North of me) and that you get to enjoy it! <3

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