Also, I Skyped with my mom! It was lovely! She's tanned and blonde and looked so happy and pretty. I miss her!

I am supposed to spend at least 5 hours on my days off in the studio, drawing. I have spent, at most, an hour and a half and I am currently NOT in the studio drawing. Bad Roily. Bad.

OK, so I'm not actually DRAWING, but INKING, which is something I'm really not good at. It's HARD and it looks like crap and I'm messing up and I'm just letting myself, thinking "no one's gonna see this no one's gonna see this etc." Because no one is. But I will get better. Goshdarnit.

I better go do it now, though.
kyrenekyorl: (wild bunch curry mumbles)

From: [personal profile] kyrenekyorl

Gah! I thought I replied to this post already! Sorry~!!!! ^o^ Not that I had much to say... but YAY, congrats on the weight loss!!! *cheers for you* It's not easy, but it's satisfying! I'm so happy for you!!

Also, yay for staying in touch with family members, and YAY drawing!!! I took my sketchbook with me to the coast but didn't wind up drawing at all. ^.^ More power to you for keeping at it!! *hugs!*

Keep on being awesome, yeah? (*is aware she sounds like a dork*)
kyrenekyorl: (Gen: dragon hunters zoe)

From: [personal profile] kyrenekyorl

Good luck~!!! *waves pom poms* I believe in you~!!!!!!! *hughughug*

I'll probably never diet, per se, though I'm trying to eat better, but once it's, like, October (when the weather is cooler and Gin has moved out), I'm going to start trying to exercise regularly. Now that I'm 40 I need to start taking care of my body so my body will take care of me! ^_~ Also, being in better health and feeling better would be great side benefits. ^o^

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