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Oh yeah! I lost 9.5 lbs! Still can't comfortably get into my old pants, though. Bah.
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Tay said "aaaaaw," when I showed her the first pic - then when I showed her the third one she said, "oh, I want that kitty!" *grins* So much cute in that fuzzy face! ^o^
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Purry cuddly kitties are the best - especially when they crawl under the covers with you~!!! <3
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They have to do that, to remind you that they're independent and not just here to delight you or... something.... Still haven't quite figured out how the kitty mind works. ^.^;;

Also, congrats on the weight loss!!! *mighty hugs!* It's not easy but it's so worth it!! And it's great to see your effort paying off, yeah? (Myself, I'm not trying very hard and so the results are slow, but that's my own choice - I know I should make more effort so I could see faster results - well, maybe in October, when Tay and I have the house to ourselves again. *crosses fingers*) All of my pants are either too big because I got them when I weighed ten pounds more, or too tight because I bought them way back when I weighed ten pounds less than I do now. *wince* But I'll get there eventually! Or... else I'll buy new pants that fit. Heh.

*mighty hugs!*

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