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([personal profile] roily_rogue Sep. 14th, 2011 09:59 pm)
 So, last week and a half dragged by like knee-deep in mud. I re-gained 6 lbs from PMS and threw a fit, but have since lost it, thankfully. The 6 lbs, that is, not my sanity.

I've been tired, tired, tired, with the cats waking me up over and over again, mornings and nights, by scratching at the carpet underneath our bedroom door. I spent one work shift being dizzy and had to go sit down repeatedly. Water just made me nauseous. Still not sure what was going on there. No, I'm not pregnant.

I did buy two pairs of boots for $50 combined, got a haircut, bought a lovely sweater and a big planter with wine red mums, to shield my pieris from the sun and wind (of course I didn't get around to that until after the end of the heatwave - you go, girl). It's finally getting cooler. I'm more than ready for fall.

I Skyped with my grandparents! They were so cute! My grandmother made sure to point out, though - as she will every single time -  that they're old now. Just in case I missed it. But oh! I'd so missed her shrill voice and Grandpa's baritone and they were so excited to see me.<33
I've also Skyped with my dad, whose wife has moved away because she has trouble dealing with his Aspergers. It's only supposed to be temporary and they'll be seeing a counselor, so here's hoping. I really don't want Dad to be alone again.:(

In other news, I ordered three Astrid Lindgren books in English! I'm extremely excited. Astrid do I even put into words what she meant to me and most other Swedish kids growing up...she's written so many stories, created so many little worlds which all ring bright and true. Some worlds are darker than others, but she has such a firm grasp of all her characters and their humanity, that they never get TOO dark - (even when the protagonists DIE in the very beginning). Her stories can be hilarious, gruesome, dramatic, sad, idyllic and bittersweet, but they're always memorable. 
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From: [personal profile] kyrenekyorl

PMS kills me, weight-wise. If it's not because I can't stop eating, it's water retention. =,=;; Glad you managed to shed it again! *hugs*

I've been soooooo tired this week. Partially it's 'cause Tay keeps coughing and waking me up, but I don't know why the rest of it is. The cats, strangely enough, aren't the culprits. ^.^ Hope your kitties stop acting up!

Speaking of family, my brother's girlfriend just listed me as "family" on her FaceBook. I doubt it means he's proposed, but it's cute. I like her a lot. ^_^ I really hope your Dad and his wife can work it out. *hugs*

Since discovering the internet, it's great to be able to order old books I grew up with! And working at the Library sometimes bumps my memory, so that I remember I want the books! You know, three of my favorite books of all time are considered to be "young adult", because sometimes the books for kids are the best ones! ^_^
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From: [personal profile] kyrenekyorl

I just wish it weren't so hard to get an ideal weight. Even when you eat healthy and get a fair amount of exercise like I do, it's still hard. I need to eat REALLY healthy and start actually working out if I want to see weight loss faster than 10 pounds in six months. =.=;; Well, and to be honest, I just want to FEEL healthier. Now that I'm 40, that seems really important to me. I just hope I can get started and keep it up. ^.^

I was not so tired today, yay! Of course, being out of the house and spending time alone with my Tay helped. ^_^

Ooooh, poor kitties!! Are they indoor/outdoor? We had the worst problem with fleas (they were all over in the carpet, even), but once we got rid of them (getting the cats shots at the vet and bombing the apartment, which we lived in at the time), they stayed away. Of course, our cats are indoor only. ^.^ I hope you can get it taken care of without too much trauma for the kitties or expense for you!

There's still some books from my childhood I need to look into and see if they're still as captivating now as they were then..... My Dad read to us every night, and I need to try some of those books and see if they hold up! ^_^

Ugh, work. Hope you had a decent shift! *hugs*
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From: [personal profile] kyrenekyorl

I don't really "try" anything, other than eating mostly healthy and in moderation, cutting out snacks and desserts (on and off - I can never keep it up all the time), and not bringing myself a lunch to werk (which Tay hates me doing, but it doesn't bother me). Pretty soon, though, Tay's going to go on a vegan, sugar-free diet. I'll probably eat some meat and sweets, but since we mostly eat the same things, I'll be kind of going vegan as well. And that's cool. ^_^ Maybe I'll lose weight, maybe not, but hopefully I'll be more healthy. And it won't last too long - she does that and then she craves a steak. Heh. Generally we eat pretty well, but we both need to get more exercise. ^.^

Gin really is trying to find an apartment - YAY!! And the cooler weather we're having makes a lot of difference as well. ^_^ I feel as though in a couple of weeks I might actually be back to my normal mostly-happy self again! After three months of being stressed and depressed.... It'll be so nice!!

I figured your kitties were indoor only. ^_^ I don't know how anyone who loves their cats can let them go outside! I know some might argue that it's cruel to keep them indoors.... But inside there are no cars or dogs or raccoons, and there's no parasites, either! Which makes it confusing that your kitties have them, but it doesn't sound too bad. And once you get that taken care of, the nasties should stay gone, yeah? We took the cats in their carriers and waited outside when we set off the bombs. Ugh. Not fun, but it was worth it to get rid of the fleas. Good luck in your endeavors in this area!!!

*lotsa hugs for all of you!*

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