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([personal profile] roily_rogue Oct. 9th, 2011 03:37 pm)
 I now weigh 124.5 and that's the least so far on the diet! Only 4.5 lbs left to my goal and then: SUGAR! *salivates* I meet so many people who say that sugar, they can take or leave, but they couldn't handle living without pasta. I can't relate. I want pastries! I want chocolate! I want candy! Swedish candy! Salty, sour, sweet and the kind of spicy that burns a hole in your tongue. Green, baked pistachio sweets by the pound, Geisha chocolate and Polly and Turkish Pepper and Jungle Roar and Dumle and Pigall. 

There are several sites out there that sell and ship Swedish candy abroad, but when I signed up for one, filled my cart and proceeded to checkout to calculate shipping, FOUR ITEMS cost $50 to acquire! $50!! 


But, in brighter news, fall is here! I bought a purple pea coat and a purple hat! I'm ridiculously excited about all of this. Oh, and I have a curling iron now. Which I'm slightly afraid to use. 

I have tomorrow off. I will celebrate by temporarily going off my diet and buy pastries and sugar. Yes.

PS: I want to live like this. I mean look, just look. More here.
We would totally ruin that place with our neglect in no time, though. Sad, but true. Oh well. Maybe after we grow up.

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Wow! Barring some sort of medical problem (knock wood that that'll never happens) I'll never get back down to 120, or even 124!! Of course, for me that's too skinny. I'd settle for 130, to be honest. (Right now I'm fighting to get back down to 147, much less below 140. *wince* I've been really bad lately and haven't been walking as much as usual, plus I need to start exercising.) Way to go!! As long as you're losing the weight in a healthy manner (which I'm sure you are), I think that's AWESOME!! *hugs!* And good luck with that last four and a half pounds!! =^o^= I'm so impressed by your efforts and glad to see results!! <3

For me, it's salt rather than sweet that is my downfall. ^.^;; I've gotten a taste for expensive chocolate, and I've cut a lot of sweets out of my life, so I don't actually miss candy or cake or ice cream..... But don't you try to take my salty snacks and foods away! ^o^;; Which is a bad thing when I have high blood pressure. *wince* But, hey, a girl's got to have one vice left! I don't smoke or drink, I don't eat a lot of sugar, I don't like fast food anymore..... Salt and coffee, those are my indulgences. ^_^;;

Not that I don't sometimes buy a bar of Lindt dark chocolate with sea salt and eat the entire thing in one or two goes. Because I do. ^.^

Getting candies off the internet from outside the US is expensive. Tay got a package from a friend in Finland who sent candies for Xmas last year, and I fell in love with some rowanberry marmalade candies, which were vile at first but then grew on me like crazy..... But ordering them (if I can even find anywhere to do it) would make them so expensive that I'd feel guilty eating them! ^o^;;

Fall is here!! ^o^ I have the house to myself (and Tay) again!! Work isn't insanely busy anymore! I have two weeks off in November!! Here's to hoping all these things mean I'll get more writing done!! They definitely mean I'm happier!! ^_^

Hurrah for a day off, and for temporarily ditching the diet! I hope you have fun! I'm too tired today to clean, but the place still looks fairly good from Thursday/Friday. ^_^ So I'm going to try to - you guessed it - get some writing done! ^o^

That home looks really pretty and artistic.... But for some reason it seems cold to me. Probably just because of all the white. I like warmer colors. Yellow in the kitchen, cream and hunter green in the living room.... We sort of have those, though certainly not as gorgeous as that home looks. ^_^;; I definitely liked the two kitties, though! Even if our Pepper (and your Markus and Busy) are cuter!! ^_^ Still, those are a lot of beautiful photos taken of a very lovely home. ^_^ My place is pretty messy right now, despite what I just said in the paragraph above. *sheepish grin*
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From: [personal profile] kyrenekyorl

I've never been to Moonstruck Chocolate Cafe, but I think I might have had some of their products....? It sounds familiar - it sounds like something the Made In Oregon store carries. And maybe the chocolate shop in Bridgeport, by the theatre.

Yay, glad I could help! ^o^ Those candies.... They have a powdery coating that feels and tastes like sand. It's salty, but mostly like sand, not straight salt. So the first time I tried one I thought it was awful and I warned Tay off of them. But since I can't stay out of candies (which is why we need to not keep any in the house), I ate some more, and then I found that I really really liked them!! *sheepish grin* Like so many things, they really grew on me. ^_^

I love that it's autumn~!!!! <3 And I definitely hope for it to be productive, in many ways! ^_^

I'm so glad you had fun! All that sounds good! Noms!! ]=9

I've always been partial to dark places, to heavy curtains and feeling enclosed. I think I must have some feline in me. ^_~ But that place is really gorgeous - I just wouldn't want to live there. ^_^;;;;

So much better with kitties!! ^o^

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